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Ackerman Tree Service has been serving the Pittsburgh area for over 30 years. Providing a range of services to help keep your property in great shape. We give top-notch service that keeps our clients satisfied and returning for future needs that may arise.

Our track record makes us a trusted company for all of your Tree and Shrub service needs. We’ll provide you with a free estimate of the work that you need to be done. Get in contact with us to today to get started.

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Services We Offer

We offer an array of services that we offer to our clients to help you maintain your property.
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Bucket Truck Services

Tree removal is a dangerous task, especially when the trees are much larger. These jobs require more care for not only the safety of our employees but also you as a homeowner. In these instances, our bucket truck is used to allow our professionals to reach higher parts of the tree and increase safety.

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Chipper Services

After tree removal or a storm, there is debris, large and small, left in your yard. Removing all of that debris can be challenging work, especially if you don't have the right tools for the job. Our wood chipper can handle the task of clearing your yard, and we'll haul it away.

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Are you preparing for an upcoming bonfire? Do you have a wood burning fireplace that you are looking to use? We have you covered with our firewood sales.

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Stump Removal

Tree Stumps, large or small, take up usable space and are an eyesore to you as a homeowner. They can also be dangerous to you, your children, or pets when playing in the yard. Our stump removal services will help you gain back that space in your yard.

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Tree Removal Service

Living in the Pittsburgh area, we are prone to inclement and unpredictable weather that can knock over a few trees. Situations such a this can be dangerous, and our tree removal services can take care of these issues. With our services, we'll remove the offending tree along with its debris.

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Tree Pruning

Is your tree growing dangerously close to your home? Perhaps some branches that are at risk of falling? Tree pruning is the answer for you. As one of Pittsburgh's leading tree pruning providers, we can restore trees to a safe and healthy state.

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Shrub Removal and Pruning

Are the shrubs or bushes around your home causing damage to your property? Or perhaps they are growing out of control and are affecting the curb appeal of your home. Don't take on the difficulties of handling your shrubs alone.

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