Shrub Removal and Pruning

Are the shrubs or bushes around your home causing damage to your property? Or perhaps they are growing out of control and are affecting the curb appeal of your home. Don’t take on the difficulties of handling your shrubs alone.

When using a professional tree service make sure that:

  1. You call as many service providers as possible. 
  2. Receive an itemized estimate in writing.
  3. Ask for a current copy of their liability insurance.
  4. Receive proof of workman's compensation coverage.
  5. Ask for a copy of their Better Business Bureau rating.
  6. Check for Angie's List reviews.

We provide both shrub removal and pruning services in the Pittsburgh area to ease the stress of your landscaping needs. The roots of shrubs can be well established making removal a challenge. Our experience and skilled workers will remove the bush along with its roots clearing the area for you.

If your shrubs are not in need of removal but you care to bring back their appeal our pruning service can help. We’ll trim away the excess stems and branches reshaping your shrubs restoring their beauty. Pruning not only will help with your bushes appearance but also it’s overall health.

While your overall satisfaction is our goal, we also focus on overall safety as well. We are fully insured with workman’s comp and licensed by the state to perform our services.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your shrub removal or pruning needs.

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Shrub Removal and Pruning