Tree Pruning

Is your tree growing dangerously close to your home? Perhaps some branches that are at risk of falling? Tree pruning is the answer for you. As one of Pittsburgh’s leading tree pruning providers, we can restore trees to a safe and healthy state.

When using a professional tree service make sure that:

  1. You call as many service providers as possible. 
  2. Receive an itemized estimate in writing.
  3. Ask for a current copy of their liability insurance.
  4. Receive proof of workman's compensation coverage.
  5. Ask for a copy of their Better Business Bureau rating.
  6. Check for Angie's List reviews.

Our trained professionals will remove trouble branches from the tree while maintaining its overall health. The health of your trees is essential and needs to be done regularly, not just when there is a problem.

Regular tree pruning will maintain the health of your trees as well as control their growth pattern. Pruning is especially needed for younger trees, ensuring they don’t grow out of control. The regular maintenance of your trees will keep your home both safe and beautiful.

Safety is our top priority while providing our services, which is why we are fully insured with workman’s comp and liability insurance. We are also fully licensed by the state to provide our high-quality services.

Get in contact with our professionals today for a free estimate for our pruning services.

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Tree Pruning